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Bears Grill Post Lockdown.

Sunday 30th August saw Bears Grill in Lenwade invite petrolhead back to their premises for the first time since lockdown. If you follow me, you will already know this is one of my favourite meets in my local area, so I was pretty excited when I saw on facebook they were looking to hold the event.

I knew that given the right conditions this would be a cracker, so I kept my fingers crossed for a dry day. Saturday was awful with nearly non stop rain so it wasn't looking good, and then on the Sunday morning when I woke to a wet start I wasn't hopeful, but I decided to venture out anyway. Once I hit the NDR I could see that it was dry everywhere else, and even the sun came out, this made me feel much better. I arrived at 9.30am sharp, and there were several several vehicles there already and people milling about. And it just got busier and busier, everybody seemed to behave and social distancing was kept. It was a great turnout and had a brilliant variety of vehicles. Once again Bears Grill car meet did not disappoint, please enjoy the images I shot of some of the vehicles there. I can't wait for the next one.

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