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Life's a drag!

Yesterday we were treated to a stunner of a car, Jim's VW Beetle. I've never really been into Beetle's or the whole VW thing, but I tell you something, after having done a photo shoot with this car and it's styling I can definitely see the attraction. I would be more than happy to have this little pocket rocket sat on my drive.

This car is a Uk California Look 1967 model with a 2007cc engine. It is a homage to the American VW drag racing scene with virtually no standard mechanicals on the car. Jim is only the 3rd owner with the original family owning it 25 years and the fellow he bought it from had it 26 years. It has featured in "Cars That Rock" with Brian Johnson of AC/DC driving it on the Volkswagen episode. It is a very well known car within the European VW scene.

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