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"American Dreams"

Last week we had the opportunity to create a style of image we've been wanting to do for a long time.

We noticed a few weeks ago that Graham of "Autohouse Norwich" had a couple of Mustangs that he'd bought in from the States, and asked if we could shoot them for him, we were finally able to sort a date last week, and to our pleasure he'd also got in a 1930's Ford Model A Sports Deluxe.

We met up at about 8pm on Friday, we had our fingers crossed that the workshop would be dark enough to use our lighpainting technique to create a dynamic image. It was only just dark enough with the windows to the side and ceiling, so the light painting actually only enhanced the light on the vehicles rather than fully lighting them. So in essence this image was created mostly from natural light, with a touch of light painting. As you will see below The image is made of 13 overall exposures with a total of 18 shot.

We wanted to create a kind of tranquil, lazy, dusty, after hours image. So after we had put the images together using what light we wanted from the shots, we began the post processing of the image to create the effect. We added shafts of light from the windows and made a kind of hazy smokey effect, with speckles of dust to create the setting and atmosphere we wanted.

We're very happy with the image, and enjoy it every time we look at it. We hope you do too.

Below you will see the 13 exposures we used, if you look very carefully, you'll notice how subtle the light painting was, and how we used it to bring out the details we wanted in the image. Click on the images to enlarge.

If you or anyone else you might know would be interested in having some images shot, please get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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