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We're lazy!?

So the title says we're lazy. And we have been...... with our website and blog duties. But certainly behind the scenes we haven't been, we've been busy with private shoots, making new contacts, and shooting automotive meets, as well as continuously trying to stay fresh, and creative with our ideas. We've also been engaging with you, our followers and clients and trying to make ourselves known in the car culture world. It certainly seems to be working here in glorious Norfolk, as we're getting a lot of recognition when we're out and about with the camera. If you ever see us don't be shy, come and say hello, and see what we can do for you.

Short but sweet, we leave you until our next blog, which we hopefully won't leave for as long, but until then, check out the gallery below for some of what we've been up to, and head over to our Facebook page for regular updates. Over and out.

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