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Its been a very busy time since our last blog.

It's been a very busy and hectic time since our last blog. Firstly Bianca and myself welcomed our new daughter to the world, which gave us the opportunity to try out "New Born" photography. She is an absolute angel and perfect in every way, and already has her Papa wrapped arounds her tiny little fingers.

Then we've had a few motion shot photoshoots where we're captured some cracking images of some beautiful cars, and they've all been cars we've never shot before, a Lotus, an Abarth, a Mazda, and a Porsche. The Mazda is actually pretty special being one of only two in the country. It's a Limited Edition "2001 MazdaSpeed MX5" and came straight out of the factory as shown in the images.

We also made the trip to Brands Hatch to welcome back the 4.0Litre V8 monsters that are the DTM. Incredible machines that haven't been to our shores since 2013 I think i'm right in saying, and we also go the treat that they were racing, finally, on the awesome Brands Hatch GP, in my opinion the only format that circuit should run. And after 5 years of waiting we weren't disappointed by the power and noise of these stunning racing cars. We hope they come back again next year.

And then we had a weekend away in the Peak District, walking the hills and taking the sights of some of their incredible dams and of course a visit down Blue John Cavern. Some truly beautiful scenery is to be had in that county.

So that has briefly brought you up to date with the goings on here at Heel & Toe Photography, currently we are running a "Summer Evenings" Motion Shoot offer of £40.00 instead of £75.00. Whilst we've still got the light to work with in the evenings, and are now looking forward, and planning, what we can get up to as the light and weather closes in on us.

Its has been a FANTASTIC summer.

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