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Appreciating Classics Limited monthly car meet.

Last night we headed to the Thurton George and Dragon for the "Appreciating Classics Limited" monthly car meet. We follow ACL on facebook and love seeing what beauties they currently have in the showroom, we've had our eye on a Countach, a super car we had on our wall as kids, and were hoping it might make an appearance.

We turned up just before 7.00pm and the field was already starting to fill up, as well as ACL showing some of their stock, lots of private cars turned up from a Vauxhall Nova, through to a McLaren 720s.

It was a brilliant evening with loads to see, and a wood shack bar in the field where the cars were displayed. Loads of people turned up to have a look and enjoy the weather, our only gripe, being photographers, was that the cars were parked so tightly together it was difficult to get decent angles on the cars with no shadows. Despite that we will return to see their collection again sometime.

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