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Modified Nationals 2018

Last weekend we made the trip to Modified Nationals 2018. We were asked to accompany Norfolks Custom Club on their Club stand back in January having already worked with them on a few car meets and a charity cruise.

Norfolks Custom Club are a group of really friendly and knowledgeable people. Massively enthusiastic about any and all types of custom vehicle. Adam Titcombe, the founder of this group, is trying to change the perception of the car modifying scene and the people it involves, to one of a more respectful and appreciative attitude.

Adam arranges car meets in all areas of Norfolk and abides to a strictly static rule, in respect to safety, and also encourages a family environment. Adam also has help from his lovely wife Georgina who is in charge of admin and merchandise, and has also appointed area reps to try and help this group and community grow.

Since we have been involved with Norfolks Custom Club, we have been made more than welcome, and have met and made several friends, and have had many opportunities to see stunning modified cars.

Norfolks Custom Club can be found on Facebook where most of the organising and communication takes place, and they also have a website, links below.

Onto Modified Nationals 2018, which took place over the last bank holiday weekend of May.

We didn't know what to expect from Modified Nationals having never been before, but we had high hopes of seeing some beautiful and outrageous modified cars, something above the cut of what we see on our everyday roads, not trying to take away from peoples projects, but we were hoping to see something of a higher calibre, something serious. And i'm glad to say we weren't disappointed.

Our day started a 4.45am getting up and getting ready for the journey to Peterborough, we left at 5.30am, and met a car at Longwater at 5.50am, then on to meet Adam and a few others at Denver for 6.50am, stopping in Wisbech to pick up a few more, and then we carried on to Peterborough arriving at about 8.15am.

We quickly made our way through the booths and collected our stand passes for the cars, and then set up camp, detailing our cars so they sat shining in the glorious British summer sun. Having set up the club stand we went for a wander to collect our bearings and some refreshments, and then returned to the cars to collect our gear.

Having grabbed the camera we all set off for the centre of the show ground to see what this was all about, we soon became detached from Adam and the club because we were taking photos and the crowds were big, but it didn't matter. As we got near to the buildings all sorts of merchandise and craft stands appeared and then so did the modified cars, with the volume of house music rising as we got closer.

We started to get excited seeing all the cars outside of the buildings, but it wasn't until we got inside that we saw the pinnacle of modified cars. The lights reflected and glared off of the immaculate paint jobs and wraps. Even under the bonnets these cars shone. Modified cars isn't everyones cup of tea and to some extent it isn't ours but we couldn't help but appreciate and enjoy the accomplishment of someone's vision and dedication, finishing these cars to perfection.

Moving on to another building were Hotrods and Pickups, these were like giant die cast models, once again immaculate with no stone chips or blemishes. All with their own unique character and style, and some with custom airbrushing which was just breath taking.

In another building Lowriders, cars with impressive independently adjustable suspension systems, with their owners wearing the corresponding clothing, although one of the lowriders was a Citroen Picasso, begging the question, Why?

As we moved back outside, there were more stalls and cars, and then the audio area, cars with the entire back areas built for speakers, subwoofers, amps, and what ever else, making enough noise that you could probably provide the noise for a complete music event with one. The bass thundered through our bodies and shook the hair on our heads. How these cars produce enough power for this equipment is a mystery to us.

Then outside of the main areas was the Club stands which in all honesty was a little disappointing, these areas just seemed more of a camp site than club stands with very few people wandering around to see what was on offer.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, with a great atmosphere, some amazing modified cars, and Norfolks Custom Club we're the perfect hosts to our introduction to Modified Nationals.

Roll on next year.

Please enjoy the gallery.

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